WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines is a feature length documentary that examines the evolution and legacy of Wonder Woman and exposes how powerful women in popular culture are often portrayed in ways that mirror society’s anxieties about women’s liberation. wonderwomendoc.com The director knew the film would include many comic strips and comic book covers, so she solicited my services to come up with a way to give the shots more dimension and intrigue.  I did much of the animation myself, but then hired on and oversaw a team of 5 people to get the final film done. Below are a few animation sections from the film.

Wonder Woman Covers Animation:

We wanted this section to have a stop motion feeling so I isolated out images of Wonder Woman from a few comic covers, printed them out, colored with yellow pen around the edges of the cuts, and then composited them back into the sequence in After Effects.

Wonder Woman Cut outs:

Seduction of the Innocent:

This section showcases some of the animation I did to give the comic strips more intrigue, dimension and movement.  I did all the animation in After Effects.

The director wanted to have a quirky but dark feeling for this segment. I was provided the images, chose the creative direction, and animated the sequence in After Effects.​

Breaking Chains:

Powerful Women:

A section from the end of the film which  I creatively directed and animated in After Effects.