Near Normal Man is a 30 minute documentary film about Ben Stern,  a 95-year-old Holocaust survivor who survived 2 ghettos,  9 concentration camps and 2 death marches.  It is a disturbing, yet beautiful film that powerfully portrays the strength of the human spirit.  www.nearnormalman.org  I worked closely with the director and editor to create the overall look, did all the design and most of the animation for the film, and hired and directed additional animators to help finish the film on time.  

Film Opening and Title Animation:
For the director, the film was a vision into the terror of the holocaust, but also the resilience, courage, 
drivekindnessand hope that endures...

Title design style frames:
Style 3 was chosen. The lettering is upright, strong, resilient, but also a reflection of the Auschwitz tattoo marked onto Ben's wrist. I printed the design out, colored over it with pen, then sprayed water on it in stages to create a more distressed, disturbed sense and capture the essence of the Holocaust. In my final title the text is distressed but white and clear. The word "Man" survives in front, red and strong, but slightly ghosted on the edges.  For the final title animation I created moving light layers that encircled images of Ben and the title text to elicit the feeling of lingering ghosts, but also light, resilience, movement, and hope.

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