THE CULT OF JT LEROY is a feature documentary about the ethically charged and controversial life of writer JT LeRoy.  jtleroydocumentary.com   In collaboration with the director and editor, I designed and animated all titles, motion graphics, and photo montages for the film.

Film Opening and Title Animation:

The film included 2 animation sections.  We chose an illustrator who's style most reflected the sensibility of the sequences, directed him to come up with illustrations that matched pre-existing voice over, then I animated the illustrations in After Effects. All After Effects animation and editing decisions for these sequences were directed by me. Illustration by Charles Forsman .

Animation Sequences:

Photo Montage:


The film painfully displays the cult of celebrity, and is a meditation on the essences of empathy, truth, illusion, diseased ambition, victimization, and con-artistry. For the film opening text sequence I chose to skew the text over a shadowy background to create a sense of distortion, that things are not as they seem. In the title sequence montage I animated an image of a rose from the cover of Sarah, one of JT Leroy’s books, to show it disintegrating and exude the feelings of diseased ambition, victimization, and the crumbling path that JT Leroy's scam took. The film title then illusively writes on, and stretches on one side to evoke the sense that it is not solid, is morphing, and coming apart.​